What Makes a McMansion?

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July 31, 2017
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Ever wondered what a McMansion is? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but it’s definitely not a mansion with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. A McMansion is a popular home in luxury real estate—for unexplained reasons. Many people find this mansion type to be cliche or find these luxury mansions to have unnecessary features, causing them to be eye sores. But what exactly is a McMansion? Have you been living in one this whole time?

McMansion Defined

While some luxury home communities give you the chance to design your dream home, McMansions are mass-produced mansions or large houses in luxury home communities. They are the cookie cutter luxury homes you can have built in a lot without any design consultation needed.

The Frankenstein’s monster of luxury homes

We all know Corinthian columns are gorgeous. But when you are adding them to a mansion for no reason, it may clash with the overall home design style. Similar to mixing two very bold clothing prints together. Sometimes it may work, or you may look like an unflattering art piece.

McMansions are known for their unnecessary marble columns and other unnecessary home features. This mansion type tries to create a mansion with all the features of a dream home combined into one. In some people’s eyes, mixing all the styles together can create a monstrosity of a luxury home. It doesn’t stick with one design style, which is hard for those looking for a home with a particular style. If you have home design in mind, steer clear of the McMansion.

Is the McMansion the only option?

Fear not, McMansions are not your only option for luxury homes. There may be a rise in these mansion types, but some home communities still give their future homeowners a chance to take the wheel on designing the home.

Avoid McMansions by choosing the perfect home design and sticking to all the features of this style. Remember the outside must match the inside as well. A large double staircase would clash with a more minimal home design. Look for inspiration within the range of the home design and you will get all the features of your home.

Custom-built Luxury Homes at MacDonald Highlands

We may have Mac in our name, but we give our future luxury homeowners the chance to design their own luxury homes. If you don’t want to design a home, one of our real estate agents can help you choose the perfect home from our luxury home real estate. Contact us to set an appointment for more information on a Life at The Top!

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