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April 5, 2017
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Whether luxury lovers opt for faux fur or classic by choosing the real McCoy, there's a unique history behind fur in Las Vegas and the world.

Fur in Las Vegas? It sounds crazy, right? When summertime hits, locals stay cool by doing everything short of stepping out of their own skin. Applying a thick, luxurious layer of fur is almost laughable, except to those who understand the history of social status in the fur trade.

So who buys fur coats in Las Vegas? Despite dangerously hot summers and mild winters, those who live a luxurious lifestyle still adorn themselves in fur, whether they are more progressive and opt for faux fur or classic in choosing the real McCoy. There’s a unique history behind this sometimes controversial fashion symbol.


ANCIENT HISTORY OF FURfur-in-las-vegas-woman

Before luxury fur in Las Vegas graced the bodies of celebrities, it was primarily used for warmth in ancient times. Eventually, prominent historical figures developed the belief that you are what you wear. So if a warrior draped a lion skin across his chest, he was said to have gained the courage and strength of a lion. Over time, fur became a sacred piece only worn during ceremonies or meditation.

Ancient Egypt kept the tradition alive by only wearing fur, leopard or lion, during traditional ceremonies, too. Except this time with a new twist—fur was reserved for royalty.


Once fur hit mainstream fashion in Western Europe during the 11th century, only the bourgeoisie sported the look. Like a butler, if a family did not have fur, they did not have wealth. Even if by some amazing stroke of luck a lower class family could afford luxury goods, laws prohibited anyone outside of the ruling class from wearing fur. It was literally a fashion crime to sport fur without the Benjamins to back it up.


Just like every day people wear purple, eventually, fur spread to the mainstream. That’s right, not everyone wearing fur in Las Vegas is an undercover queen from a far away land. Many companies built their fortune off clothing the middle-class in faux fur.

Not only was faux fur invented to be more affordable but also to be more environmentally-friendly. The demand for this fashion accessory had a negative impact on species. Inventors figured out ways to mend together scrap fabric to look like luxurious fur pieces.

Summer is coming, but don’t run out to sell your fur coat just yet. Real or fake, a flashy fur piece is essential to a luxury wardrobe.


Fur has graduated from coats and scarves to rugs, chairs, and even pillows. Today many activists opt for faux fur accents in their luxury homes. Visit Macdonald Highlands online and find the perfect home to get your luxury lifestyle started today.

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