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April 5, 2017
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April 5, 2017
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Keeping up with luxury design trends, MacDonald Highlands has a certain affinity for rustic design. Learn the essentials in rustic design.

Because the weather is getting colder, many of us now retreat to our cozy luxury homes. However, the ultra-modern, sleek luxury design you chose for the kitchen is a little cool for comfort.

You find yourself drawn to the warmth, coziness and richness rustic decor provides. But before calling up interior decorating in Las Vegas, MacDonald Highlands has pulled together this quick luxury design guide to see if a rustic design in Las Vegas is right for you.


In rustic design, you try to capture the serenity of the rural countryside. Think simple and understated. Let the textures and natural elements speak for themselves. Avoid using elements that call attention to themselves deliberately, whether it’s through intricate design or daintiness.

For example, avoid using bright and dark colors or patterned wallpaper. Choose neutral colors or white. Key rustic decor elements include:


Wood is the backbone of rustic design, and wood that is closest to its natural state is best. Ideas for utilizing wood include:

  • Beamed ceilings and support beams
  • Wooden counters
  • Paneling and Flooring

Reclaimed word is also one of the hottest luxury design trends currently. Even if you forego rustic design, adding reclaimed wood can spruce up your home.  


While rustic decor presents hearty charm, it is by no means delicate and glossy. Rustic design evokes feelings of understated toughness. That’s why using hard and strong materials in their natural state is key. Use metal pieces or accents around the room to create a contrast between textures and to add a masculine touch.


Continue the natural and understated feeling of the room. Use solid fabric throughout the room and keep intact designs and patterns to a minimum. Natural fibers like cotton, silk and wool will be your friends. Using leather and animal hide is perfect, but a light touch is key. Use it for a rug or decoration.

If you want a patterned fabric, choose a piece of fabric that mimics nature in some way and does it simply. If you follow these essentials, you can invoke a feeling of true rustic decor. Just in time for fall and winter.


Having luxury design is truly the only way to live. Additionally, MacDonald Highland has the finest luxury real estate lots and contemporary real estate. We also have the best amenities. Our recently redesigned clubhouse is the place to be during the colder seasons.

Experience the luxury life today at MacDonald Highlands.

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