Luxury Landscaping Trend: Violets and Verbenas

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April 5, 2017
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April 5, 2017
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It’s never too late to have the garden of your dreams. This week, we discuss the luxury landscaping trend, the beauty of violets and verbenas.

This winter is killing us. How we long for the days of bright, sunny weather that aren’t too cold, but also not too hot. In our real estate office, we wouldn’t mind the winter so much if there were at least some flowers blooming outside the door. That’s why we investigated some luxury landscaping trends for the winter and found some tips for growing violets and growing verbenas.



Violets bloom in the late winter and early spring. While easily recognizable by their heart-shaped petals and expressing the delicate color that is their namesake, violets can come in different colors. Some violets come in blue, white, and yellow.

Currently, violets are a trend in landscaping because they are associated with love. With Valentine’s Day coming, a garden of well-tended violets will please your partner. If you plant violets, keep them in a lightly shaded area so they don’t get too much sun. Don’t overwater them either, or your lovely violets will wilt.


If you want a flower that can withstand the Las Vegas drought, growing verbenas can be an excellent option. Known for love of the sun, tolerance to bad soil, and needing only a small amount of water, verbenas are the perfect plant for your garden. You can fill the garden with verbenas and makes the neighbors think you’ve worked hard to get them to thrive.

When landscaping the yard, try planting a ring of verbenas around a small plot of violets. This is will create a dramatic contrast against your green lawn, but it will also be visually interesting for people walking by your home.


The focus of most landscaping trends in 2017 will be to create a positive aura around the home. Don’t have home? No worries. Schedule an appointment with one of our real estate agents and find a place to thrive.

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