Luxury Design Trend: Mixed Metals

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May 8, 2017
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Many interior designers choose to pair gold accessories with other gold features and very rarely silver accents. Traditionally, different metals were never mixed to create a contrast; people used to only pair accessories with the same type of metal. Now, however, more designers are using mixed metals in interior design to create contrast and new styles.

Luxury Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Well, in 2017, the new luxury home trend is breaking all the rules. It’s all about mixing metals for your interior design—gold with steel, silver with copper, and other combinations have become a popular interior design trend. Mixing different types of metals in your home decor will make your space stand out. Mixed metals in interior design can work for small accents as well as large main pieces in a room. The opportunities are endless.

Go out of the design box but plan out your design

If you choose to go against the one-metal rule, be creative but plan out where you’re going to break the rules. A design trend can become overwhelming if you overdo it. If you want to introduce the mixed metals trend slowly into your interior design, go for accent pieces first.

If you have a blank slate for your interior design, look through mixed metal inspirations and create your own design from them. Planning the design is the best way to make sure your interior doesn’t begin to look like a metal shop.

Don’t be afraid to be inspired

You don’t have to reinvent the design wheel when it comes to mixed metals in interior design. Look for some inspiration if you don’t know where to begin. Sometimes it’s the best way to get an idea. If you aren’t sure how to mix gold with a darker metal, look for interiors that have played around with these two metals and build your design from there. Sometimes, designers just need some precedents or an inspiration to create something great.

Interior Design for Your Dream Home

2017 has been an innovative year in design trends. Begin to design the interiors for the home of your dreams in the luxurious community of MacDonald Highlands. Are you ready to start your Life at The Top?

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