Luxury Design Trend: All-matte Black Home Accessories

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October 2, 2017
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Does your soul become a little darker when the eerie month of October rolls around? For those dark-at-heart, let it speak with your home accessories. The latest luxury design trend of all-matte black home accessories is perfect for the stylish witches and vampires of the world.

Luxury Design Trend: All-matte Black Home Accessories

With more chill in the area, it’s time to transform your interior design into the dark home you’ve been waiting for. This luxury design trend is the dream of any luxury haunted house and all the ghouls will die—again—of envy.

Does it come in black?

Black has been a staple of minimalism design—probably because it goes with everything. The sleek finish of a black interior or trendy home accessories gives your home a classy touch.

For a stylish interior, what could be sleeker than all-matte black home accessories? The matte monochromatic home accessories will pair well with an original Eames chair for a tres chic living room. This luxury design trend is versatile to not just a living room, but also for the kitchen and bathroom.

Nothing will look more chic than baking some devilish treats with an all-black mixer. If you have a choice of color for your home accessories, always choose black.

Versatile with other colors and materials

The luxury design trend of all-matte black home accessories can bring a chic finish to any color palette. When combined with wood features, the black accessories serve as a backdrop to highlight the uniqueness of the wood finish.

Use black accessories if you’re trying to make a vibrant color or complex material pop in your interior. A black cabinet set will blend out of in your interior and drive the focus on your new velvet armchair.

Create a Chic Interior Design in a MacDonald Highlands Luxury Home

Our luxury homes in MacDonald Highlands are the perfect canvas to design an all-matte black home interior. Design for the house of your dreams with a great view of the Las Vegas skyline. Are you ready for a Life at the Top?

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