4 Sustainability Ideas for Your Luxury Real Estate Lot

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April 5, 2017
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April 5, 2017
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It’s never out of style to incorporate sustainable living into your high-end real estate.

It’s never out of style to incorporate sustaina

When designing your next high-end real estate, consider more sustainable living routes. We don’t necessarily mean planting more trees and recycling. We mean implementing sustainable living items such as green roofing, reclaimed wood and heating and cooling systems that reduce your carbon footprint.

Not only is sustainable living the latest trend in real estate, but it will keep the untarnished beauty of MacDonald Highland pure for decades to come in the valley.



In a world of waste and inauthenticity in luxury communities in Las Vegas, reclaimed wood is being seen as a virtue. Reclaimed wood adds charm and character to any home. Additionally, it will give the home a lived-in, homey feeling current McMansions and tract housing lack.

Reclaimed wood is versatile. It can be used for paneling, the flooring or as pieces of furniture around the house adding rustic charm to your luxury real estate home.  


We won’t say you need to ditch the heating and cooling system on your high-end real estate. Living in Las Vegas would be impossible.

However, there are ways to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing your comfort. A geothermal heat pump is a sustainable living option that utilizes the static temperature underneath the earth or a local lake to maintain the temperature of your home.

Not only does it use less electricity than the conventional air conditioning, but it will keep your luxury real estate lot.


Green roofing is utilizing the roof of your house to grow vegetation. The materials used in creating a roof are just as effective in keeping out the weather and insulting your Las Vegas luxury real estate.

The benefit of having a green roof as opposed to a traditional roof is that you can design it to give you and your family a private paradise and garden to enjoy or entertainment area for your friends and neighbors.  


You may have been skeptical of solar panels in the past. Reasons why you should install solar panels on your real estate lot include getting your home off the Las Vegas municipal energy supply. It will make the energy bill on your mansion less, leaving you more money to spend on luxury items. On top of it, it will give your home a futuristic look people look for in real estate for sale, if you choose to sell your home.


At MacDonald Highlands, we have only the best in luxury real estate lots and modern architecture. Let our luxury real estate agents find you a luxury real estate home.

ble living into your high-end real estate.

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