4 Flowers That Will Brighten the Landscape of Your Luxury Home

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The impact of flowers the modern garden is undeniable. With the right selections, the external areas of your luxury home will become your favorite part of the property while also making yours outside spaces the envy of the neighborhood. Some of the flowers can even be used to brighten up the internal areas.

Finding the right flowers that will brighten your landscape isn’t always easy, but here are four of the best options on the market.

The Most Beautiful Flowers for Your Home


No flower has a more precise meaning of symbolism than the red rose. However, the red rose isn’t the only one to carry a clear message. White roses can be associated with innocence and purity while orange roses spark connotations of enthusiasm. A yellow rose can link to joy and new beginnings.

Finding a rose that symbolizes the right atmosphere for your home is particularly easy, regardless of the vibe you’re trying to create. When added to their immense esthetic beauty once they’re in bloom, roses genuinely are the perfect addition to any luxury backyard. Alternatively, they can take pride in baskets in the front garden.


Ivy symbolizes friendship and continuity, which is a great foundation. However, the benefits of planting ivy are far higher than that. When controlled to grow up vertically, they can create a striking appearance while also bringing a sense of privacy and grandeur. This makes ivy an ideal plant for a natural garden that promotes the idea of luxury living.

The evergreen leaves keep the backyard in excellent health all year round. While you may not see any flowers bloom in the first year, the following year will produce colored blooms. Not only does this complete the look, but it gives you a fresh sense of excitement in that second year, which will prevent any boredom.


If you though the blooming roses were beautiful, the peonies will take those feelings to an even higher level. The vibrant pinks will bring energy and vibrancy, in addition to a touch of decadence. They are easy to grow and bloom throughout the spring and summer for months of incredible influences.

As perennials, they are low maintenance landscaping plants that will bloom each year again. While pinks may be the most commonly seen options, you can add the wow factor and luxury by adding a dash of white or red. The combination of pink and white is a particularly eye-catching one, but personal preferences will dictate your choices.

Blue Salvia

The ‘blue enigma’ is the perfect option for late summer through to the first frosts. The intense blue will make a statement while surrounded by the browns and yellows of autumn. This certainly reflects the luxury atmospheres that you are trying to create at this crucial time of the year, and they will produce the wow factor for visitors.

This plant does grow to 1.5m tall too, so the blue flowers will spike out to create a truly iconic look above the ground level flowers. If possible, grow them in large containers and store them in a greenhouse over winter.

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